Welcome To CatWifHat Whitepaper

CatWif is a meme cryptocurrency inspired by Cutest Cats, whose goal is to bring laughter and fun to the crypto community.

First greetings

Hello cat lovers! I believe you are already attracted to CatWif, so you are reading this whitepaper. CatWifHat is created by and implemented by cat lovers, if you know about us you will know. Thank you for coming!

About CatWifHat

CatWifHat is simply Cat Wif A Hat, we find that wearing hats on cats makes them more interesting. Why don't you try it? Put a hat on your cat or simply add a hat to pictures of cats to create funny memes.

CatWifHat is a token driven by the community, by cat lovers, and by people who love memecoins. Have you noticed that dogs are dominating the memecoin rankings and our favorite cats are way behind? We don't want that to happen anymore! A war between dogs and cats on the memecoin leaderboard has broken out, CatWifHat will lead this war! Let's see...

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